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Liberia is a country rebuilding after an unimaginable war, facing uncountable obstacles. After 20 years of such turmoil, and now enduring Ebola, the country’s infrastructure needs continued rebuilding to support its people and their livelihoods.

Working with USAID niche grants, Veterinarians Without Borders conducted animal health worker trainings, laboratory skills trainings, ruminant nutrition and health trainings and vaccination programs to support disease control and reporting to restore their animal health infrastructure.

Our Approach

Veterinarians Without Borders has operated in Liberia consistently over the past four years, and are proud of our numerous accomplishments. We’ve trained large numbers of Cuttington University students in ruminant nutrition and health. We have established community members as animal health workers tied to the Ministry of Agriculture, and facilitated rabies vaccination campaigns to successfully reduce the human caseload.

During our first trip, we met a promising young Liberian man who grew up in the refugee camps during the Liberian Diamond War years. His intelligence, passion and resolve inspired us so deeply that we made a commitment to support his veterinary education in Uganda, at one of Africa’s best schools.

Additionally, we continue to support our in-country partner, Liberian Education and Agriculture Foundation, in their current efforts to rebuild communities ravaged by Ebola. It is our hope that the people we have supported and trained will return to communities and neighborhoods and use this knowledge to rebuild.



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