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Ethiopians have long used animal agriculture for wealth and stability. Veterinarians Without Borders wants to strengthen this tradition. Our goal in Ethiopia is to train local farmers and herdsmen how to spot the signs of disease early, and respond swiftly before isolated disease becomes epidemic.

This will not only improve the health of their livestock, but also contribute to better human health, since many diseases can be passed from livestock to humans and back to the livestock again. We will also participate in educating dairy producers and processors on how to improve the quality of dairy products, both for sale to communities, as well as for on-farm consumption.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Our Approach

As in Uganda, our funding will be both private funding and part of a USAID Farmer-to-Farmer grant. We will be partnering with university students and faculty who will provide translators for our trainings with smallholders and district veterinary personnel. We are also building partnerships with Catholic Relief Services and other international organizations to accomplish this work. In addition to the disease recognition trainings, we will be working with an Ethiopian PhD student from Addis Ababa University on a project aimed at improving the quality of milk products for sale in Ethiopian communities by local dairy cooperatives.

By teaching smallholders to recognize signs of disease and by using small on-site diagnostic tools we hope to cut down on the transmission of disease from livestock to humans, as well as the time it takes from diagnosis to treatment.



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