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Ethiopia, one of the most storied lands in all of Africa, has seen its share of warfare, famine and turmoil. The country is rebuilding, but there is a tough road ahead. Ethiopians have long depended on animal agriculture for wealth and stability. Veterinarians Without Borders aims to strengthen this foundation.

Our goal in Ethiopia is to train local farmers, pastoralists and others involved in livestock rearing and marketing to spot the signs of disease early, and respond swiftly.

Our Initiatives

Supporting animal agriculture and health is a critically important way to help people in developing countries flourish. Healthy livestock are not only sources of food and wealth, but provide a critical buffer during economic downturns and drought.

We work hard to create sustainable solutions that will integrate seamlessly into the communities and cultures we serve—to remain viable long after we leave.

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malaria patient nyangaton


Our goal in Ethiopia is to train local farmers and herdsmen how to spot the signs of disease early, and respond swiftly before an isolated disease becomes an epidemic...


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